Contact form 7 and Popup up pro issue

I have a contcact form shortcode inside a popup, but the emails are not being sent. I have the same contact form embeded in a page and it's working fine. Seems like something in PopUp Pro is prohibiting Contact 7 from operating properly.

  • admin


    Thanks for your help. I already have the popup set to close after submit, so that is not the problem.

    It appears from your screencast that you set up your own test of CF7 in popup on a different site. Did you test my form on the homepage of my site... ? I provided you with access to the site, so did you run any tests of the form on my site where the problem is occurring? The homepae form does not work for me, nor did it work for the person I spoke to on you Chat... so that suggests it is not a plugin conflict. It is important to note that the exact same form works perfectly from the contact page. The only difference is the popup. So it is not a CF7 problem.

    You may be using a different form of email or there may be other differences between your email server and mine (365 Exchange server). So just showing me that it works on your system doesn't help me at all. Please investigate my problem on my site to help me identify the factor(s) which may be at play here.

    Thank you,


  • admin

    Also, I do not see the transcript from my chat with your person yesterday. Nor do I see any of his notes regarding the things he tested. He promised me that he would add that information to this ticket. So here is my copy of the transcript, although this does not indicated what he tested.

    Majid Hamdani Wed, 06/27/18 06:21:30 pm America/Chicago

    Hello. How may I help you?

    admin 06:21:54 pm

    Me again with a different problem on another website.
    Contact 7 works as it should when embedded on contact page. But exact same form in Pop-up pro does not send. My host GoDaddy watched the email servers on submit and the email from the form never shows up at all. Seems like something in PopUp Pro is prohibiting Contact 7 from operating properly. 06:22:00 pm

    Majid Hamdani 06:22:44 pm

    Give me a second , I'll check
    Where should I click to trigger the popup ? 06:23:27 pm

    admin 06:24:12 pm

    At the top right there is a small form image

    Majid Hamdani 06:24:12 pm

    Ok I got it
    Can you check, I just submitted one

    admin 06:27:21 pm

    not anything yet

    Majid Hamdani 06:28:40 pm

    Can you try Hustle plugin instead ? it does the same Popup pro does with other new features
    Also it's constantly updated 06:29:09 pm

    admin 06:29:47 pm

    I'd rather just have the product work properly. Having to add a new plugin that I'm not familiar with will take extra time that is not in the budget.

    Majid Hamdani 06:30:35 pm

    I can check on my end and see, I just wanted to suggest that because we will probably end up doing a plugin conflict test
    I'll test on my site and see

    admin 06:30:56 pm

    thank you.

    Majid Hamdani 06:42:25 pm

    Sorry for the delay I'm still testing

    admin 06:42:34 pm


    Majid Hamdani 06:48:20 pm

    It's working for me as you can see here
    So it must something wrong with the setup you have
    I would suggest performing a plugin conflict test

    admin 06:49:45 pm

    what is the image you sent?

    Majid Hamdani 06:50:12 pm

    A screenshot yeah of my setup
    That's just an email logged which means that my email was successfully sent

    admin 06:52:14 pm

    is that a log of what goes out from your email server? If so, where was it being sent to?

    Majid Hamdani 06:53:28 pm

    It should be sent to my email

    admin 06:54:51 pm

    did you receive it?

    Majid Hamdani 06:55:56 pm

    I'll check hold on

    admin 07:04:35 pm

    are you still there?

    Majid Hamdani 07:04:42 pm

    I didn't receive that email though

    admin 07:05:02 pm

    so it's not working for you either.
    how do we escalate this to next level to see why form doesn't work with WPMUdev pop up?

    Majid Hamdani 07:05:55 pm

    I'll do more checks

    admin 07:09:27 pm

    I'm sorry, but I have run out of time. Can this chat transcript and your testing information be sent on through the normal process of submitting a support ticket, so someone can look into this and get back with me?

    Majid Hamdani 07:10:26 pm

    Sure okay
    Sorry to keep you waiting
    I'll do more test and open the ticket

    admin 07:11:16 pm

    I have given access on the site.
    Will I receive a link to the ticket you submit?

    Majid Hamdani 07:12:04 pm

    Yes you will receive an email notification when a reply is posted
    To this

    admin 07:14:04 pm

    what if I want to add any additional information before a reply is posted? I'd need a link to it. Can you send me a link after submitting a ticket with the chat transcript and your testing information?

    Majid Hamdani 07:15:07 pm

    Everything will be available for our support you don't really have to worry about it :slight_smile:

    admin 07:15:29 pm

    ok. thanks.

    Majid Hamdani 07:15:34 pm

    We handle that part and we will let you know about everything

    admin 07:16:06 pm

    again, thanks for your help. I've got to go.

    Majid Hamdani 07:17:06 pm

    Have a good one :slight_smile:

  • Ash

    Hello admin

    When you reported the issue, I just tried to replicate on my site as it could be a bug. And sometimes it depends on the submit method, so I asked you. I had no intention to ignore, I am really sorry if it sounded like that :slight_frown:

    I have went through your site and find out you were using Annonymous script method to load your popup from Popup > Settings. But the functionality you want, Footer method is needed for that (I left it selecting that).

    But the problem is, your theme is creating a JS error in the browser console:

    Due to that error, page footer method is failing. I have temporarily activated default 2017 theme and it worked by then.

    So, would you please consult with the theme support to check why theme is creating the console error? Once the error is fixed, it should work by then.

    Let us know how it goes. Have a nice day!


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