Contact form 7 – Email newsletter

Hi People,

I have the above 2 plugins installed on my site footer – ( please bear with me, my site is still under construction ) Then I discovered you guys! I realise now that my plugins would always be compatible & up to date if I were to stick around & I like the idea of this – However I have just paid somebody to code my current set up to my footer! ( my knowledge on wordpress is basic, another reason for me being here )

What I really wish to know, is can I have the same type of set up in my footer with your plugins as I have at present?

My contact form in footer with a simple math sum= human verification would be cool – & the e-mail subscribe In my footer that links to Mail Chimp also? Or could my current News-letter subscribe be taken on by you guys & be manipulated to work directly with mail chimp? I guess what I seek is all my plugins to be with you guys so that I am always compatible & up to date. + I have the support I require :slight_smile:

If I could look at getting my plugins all in one place & start using you guys regularly it would justify myself paying a yearly subscription rather than monthly-

Thanks in advance for your help & feedback,



P.s Sorry didn’t have an option for my category selection so I choose BP Group E-mail being the closest…