Contact Form 7 forms not getting copied by blog templates

1: There is no selection for Blog Templates in your combobox.
2: I cannot respond in your forum (please see below)
3: Contact 7 Forms are not being copied by Blog Template
4: There is an existing support request:
5: I did respond TWICE as instructed: "If that's not it either, then could you contact me directly through our contact form:
Select "I have a different question" and enter "Attn: Tyler Postle" as your subject - this ensures it gets assigned to me. Then we can make sure you're able to reply on forums as that should make all future support tickets go a lot smoother for you. "
6: I am logged on with my WPDEV MU user and password to your forum.
7: I have had a similar problem of not being able to respond in the past. It had something to do with the special pricing I was given, I think.
8: I need an answer to this today as I have a demo I already put off until tomorrow.
9: I have allowed you access to the Wordpress site at:
10: The template is at:
11: Create a new site using the template. a) The Contact Form DB data is copied over correctly, b) The Contact Forms 7 forms are not copied.
12: I did try both of the defines you named in your post (I sent you the names and link before) and they did not work.
13: I need the problem with your forum fixed A.S.A.P., and a permanent fix this time.

Please get to the bottom of this. If you had said you have an unfixable problem with Contact Forms 7, I would get another form.

Thank you for your anticipated response,