Contact Form 7 forms not getting copied by blog templates

1: There is no selection for Blog Templates in your combobox.

2: I cannot respond in your forum (please see below)

3: Contact 7 Forms are not being copied by Blog Template

4: There is an existing support request:

5: I did respond TWICE as instructed: “If that’s not it either, then could you contact me directly through our contact form:

Select “I have a different question” and enter “Attn: Tyler Postle” as your subject – this ensures it gets assigned to me. Then we can make sure you’re able to reply on forums as that should make all future support tickets go a lot smoother for you. “

6: I am logged on with my WPDEV MU user and password to your forum.

7: I have had a similar problem of not being able to respond in the past. It had something to do with the special pricing I was given, I think.

8: I need an answer to this today as I have a demo I already put off until tomorrow.

9: I have allowed you access to the WordPress site at:

10: The template is at:

11: Create a new site using the template. a) The Contact Form DB data is copied over correctly, b) The Contact Forms 7 forms are not copied.

12: I did try both of the defines you named in your post (I sent you the names and link before) and they did not work.

13: I need the problem with your forum fixed A.S.A.P., and a permanent fix this time.

Please get to the bottom of this. If you had said you have an unfixable problem with Contact Forms 7, I would get another form.

Thank you for your anticipated response,


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi @jetiii,

    I have contacted Tyler and he said that he answered your mail about an hour ago, so can you please check your email.

    Have you tried going to your thread in browser and responding, can you attach some screenshots about what are you seeing in there?

    Try logging out and clearing your cache and see if you are able to respond then.

    Best regards,


  • jetiii
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I went to another browser that I never used at your site before. It worked, I can reply. The problem appears to be in FreFox. Thanks for the suggestion Predrag Dubajic.

    OK, for Tyler, I don’t want to take out all of the plugins yet as I have an idea what it may be. I was using the Jetpack form. It would not allow me to uses multiple forms on a single page so I deactivated it. Would they have left any data that could be causing the problem? Also, I use X-Themes, but it copies over fine as does Contact Form DB. Are there any other know conflicts?

    Thanks, Jesse

  • jetiii
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I have deactivated every plugin not activated at the network level. It made no difference. The forms did not get copied over. I cannot shut down my existing sites to deactivate the network plugins, which are all from you or main stream. I did have an intermittent problem where when creating the site ( 6 tries) using the template, it reported back that the site existed, yet it did create it.

    As we have moved around to two threads, I am repeating what I did find from your support area adn my original comment on same:


    I saw your article ( and tried both of the suggestions:

    define(“NBT_PASSTHROUGH_WPCF7_MAIL_FIELDS”, true, true);

    The above returns duplicate site errors when there are none.

    define(“NBT_CONVERT_WPCF7_MAIL_FIELDS”, true, true);

    The above returns a fatal error in the templates filter.php file.


    Any ideas?


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