Contact Form 7 Not being transfered by Blog Template

I have numerous Contact Form 7 tied to Contact Form DB in a Template file. The data from Contact Form DB is in the website generated with the template. However, the Contact Forms are not copied over. I saw your article ( and tried both of the sugestions:

define(“NBT_PASSTHROUGH_WPCF7_MAIL_FIELDS”, true, true);

The above returns duplicate site errors when there are none.

define(“NBT_CONVERT_WPCF7_MAIL_FIELDS”, true, true);

The above returns a fatal error in the templates filter.php file.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot access your forum so I can not reply through it. I had this problem before but can’t remember what you did to fix it.

I need to know if this will work or get a new Form plugin as we have a demo tomorrow.

Thanks Jesse