Contact form 7 with affiliates plugin


Been racking my brains to find easiest solution to my problem ...

My customers will pay to access a form on my site (using pay-per-view plugin), which is working great.

This form uses the Contact Form 7 plugin (which works great of course) ... but I want a part of that form to update the site that one of the companies signed up for my site has sold an item.

You see, users pay £25 to fill in this form, the form will ask them for a ref number or some way to identify which shop recommended them. Like an affiliate scheme.

I can see a plugin:

which works with a Contact Form 7 plugin:

I really don't want to go else where for plugins now I have yearly gold membership - is there an equivalent for this site. So something to track a user the signs up for the site (using your membership plugin - which works great so far), then they can see how many sales they have. The sales are tracked by the ref number in the contact form to confirm a sale to the various users?

Hope this all makes sense?