Contact Form hidden, even though it shouldn't be

I'm using shortcodes to protect certain content on public pages, but one type of content I'm not trying to protect are a few different contact forms generated by Contact Form 7. None of the pages(created before I installed memberships) are displaying the forms properly for unlogged users anymore, and I've triple checked that there aren't any naming conflicts.

I'm glad to see that content is being restricted, but how do I fix this? Also, I've disabled membership and the problem still persists.

  • ymousley

    I deactivated in the plugins menu - I'm using it on a single site install. I'll try to upload a screenshot later, but essentially I can see the contact form when I'm logged in, can't see anything when I'm logged out (and other people can't either).

    I have a few shortcode names defined in membership (to protect certain content), none of which are anywhere close to the contact form shortcodes

  • DavidM

    Hi ymousley,

    Thanks for the additional information. Just to be sure you know beforehand, you as Admin (or Super Admin on a multisite network) can see everything on the site regardless of the rules.

    So when testing it out, it's a good idea to keep that in mind, and log in as users you create for the purpose of testing specific levels.

    That said, have you tried logging in as users to see if things are displaying properly per those user's membership levels regardless of the contact form shortcode? I'm just curious if everything else is displaying correctly or if it's just the contact forms.

  • ymousley

    That's the thing - the contact form should be available to everyone - I didn't put it inside of any membership shortcodes or add any restrictions that would bar unlogged users from seeing it. I don't use shortcodes often - I usually prefer hard coding things in the template when possible - so I can only say that with Membership it killed the contact form shortcode from displaying to unlogged users.

    I did have the settings to default unlogged users to a general profile, but the only restriction there was no access to the shortcodes I created through Membership.

    Essentially, let's say I have a-content b-content and c-content as shortcodes. By default, unlogged members shouldn't be able to see anything wrapped in those shortcodes, but everything else should be visible.I'm going to wait for the weekend when my traffic is lower to test again, but that's how I tried to set things up and it protected not only a-content b-content shortcodes, but the contact form 7 shortcode as well.

  • Mason


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