Contact Forms for request a date

Not a WPMU dev issue really, just reaching out to find any good suggestions.

On my multi-site I currently use Grunion contact form, mainly because it is written by Automattic, uses Askimet to deal with spam and plays nicely with multi-site.

Contact forms can easily used for request a quote, and grunion allows adding extra fields and field types.

But one of my sites wants a date/time picker on their quote (it is basically a simple availability request – and they don’t want to go the route on online bookings like Appointment plus)

I’m sure gravity forms would do the trick, but I have never used it and it is probably overkill.

I can see contact form 7 has an extra ‘date picker’ plugin available, but I have no idea of the quality of the date picker product etc.

So looking for main stream solutions, that don’t involve much time to get going, as this is probably a one off.

Any ideas?