Contact Widget Captcha - Unreadable, Unrefreshable!

Hi there! The contact widget needs to be improved on this area fast.

The captcha image is too good that even me as a human cannot figure out what the word this (see the first word from the attached image). When this happens, I will want to be able to refresh the captcha, but there's no option for me now!

If I may suggest, rather than having another button, when the user rolls over the image, there will be an overlay that says click to refresh (or whatever wording you want).

That way, at least I don't have to refresh the entire page.

  • flashmech
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Chris, it's not a matter of brushing up my Mandarin. The fact is this: I can read it perfectly! :wink:

    The issue is this: this comment widget exist for my readers, not myself! If it were for myself, why do I need the widget in the first place? Can't I simply write it down somewhere? loL~ My blog's readership is international, and will you expect that 100% of my readers is able to read and write the correct answer to the captcha? That's a definite no!

    I have nothing against Mandarin captcha if my readership just belongs to Mandarin speaking countries, but that is simply not the case.

    Seriously, consider the larger picture and think before you post. Constructive comments are definitely welcome. Thanks and peace out.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    I see your point, some CAPTCHA images are just totally unreadable. And while I'm sure what Chris said is just a joke :slight_smile:, I would be seriously confused if I was offered a CAPTCHA in non-latin script, regardless if I'm able to read it or not, and would rather opt for another challenge image if at all possible.

    In the latest release (v1.2, just released) we do have options for refreshing just the challenge image. This can be done either by clicking on the image itself, or by clicking on the "Refresh" link below it. If the link below the captcha image isn't desired in your design, you can remove it either by switching the entire widget into "Compact mode" (also new in v1.2), or by adding something like this to your "Custom CSS" setting:

    #cw_refresh {display:none;}

    When hovering your mouse over an image, a text message should appear as title tooltip, that says "Click to refresh". Both this text and the "Refresh" link text are configurable in widget settings.

    Also, challenge image will be refreshed on each form submit too (as it should).

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