Contact Widget does not yet support Google's "invisible" captcha option

Is it possible to please update the Contact Widget plugin to also support the new "invisible" captcha option from Google, selected when setting up the keys?

Also, if you have a hotfix that can be used in the meantime, that would be awesome!

  • admin

    This is quite disappointing, as I do not consider this to be a new feature request in any way. The CAPTCHA integration is an existing feature that WPMUdev simply has not maintained properly. CAPTCHA has upgraded to the invisible approach at least a year ago and is pushing all its users to that solution. I expect that WPMUdev would be keeping up with the advancements of the 3rd party integrations that you have already chosen to include. I pay money every year to WPMUdev to ensure I have current, well-integrated tools and support. I don't believe that it was ever communicated that such support is only promised on core products. Regardless of the relative un-importance of your Contact Form plugin, it is still a tool you essentially sold to me in the package and a tool you should keep current. Just another brick in the wall.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi admin,

    We do try to keep up with all of our plugins but some are more widespread by others and thus get a priority when it comes to improvements for them, we do still update the less popular ones as well but it sometimes takes more time.

    I did some digging up and have created a workaround that you can apply on your site until this option is included in the plugin.
    You would need to download the attached file, unzip it and edit it with any file editor (like Notepad++, SublimeText, etc.).
    On line 414 you will see this part of code data-sitekey="SITE_KEY" where you need to replace SITE_KEY with your site key.
    Save the changes and upload the file to wp-content/plugins/contact-form/ folder and replace the existing file.

    After that go to Contact Form widget settings and DISABLE captcha, this will now use the code I've added and invisible captcha will be used on your site.

    Best regards,

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