contact widget how to incorporate into either page or top menu

I'd like to do a contact page for my website accessible via the top menu.
I am using the theme gridmarket.

How do I incorporate this contact widget into a page so then I can make it accessible from the top menu.

Also do you have some screen shots available of it filled out completely and ready to go. I had a look at the instructions but was a little unclear on some parts of it.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Matt!

    Contact Widget is a widget, so it's usually something our members use in a sidebar, a footer, or other widetized area.

    Since you'd like to add it to a page, we'll need to grab a plugin:

    This will let you create a new page, and add the Contact Widget to it with a shortcode. From there, you'll just need to link to that page from your menu.

    I attached a screenshot of the settings below, with numbers.
    1. This is the title of the widget. If the widget were in a sidebar, this would appear above the other content.
    2. This is what appears next to the field where a user will enter the subject of the contact email.
    3. This is the label for the field where the user will enter their email address.
    4. This is what appears above the field where the user enters their message.
    5. This is the text that appears on the send message button.
    6. This is the admin email where the contact form will be sent.
    7. This is the message that appears after the user successfully sends a message.
    8. If you want extra text to appear below your contact form, enter it here.
    9. If you would like to add custom CSS styling to your form, enter the CSS in this field.
    10. This is where you enable CAPTCHA
    11. Go to the reCAPTHCA website to create a Site Key and Secret Key for your site, enter the first here.
    12. Enter the Secret Key for your reCAPTCHA account here.
    13. Choose which version of reCAPTCHA (old or new) you're using.
    14. This is the link label for the CAPTCHA reload action.
    15. This is the link label for the CAPTCHA refresh action.
    16. This is the instructions label under the CAPTCHA image.
    17. This allows compact mode, which takes up less space.
    18. Always save after you make changes.

    Hope this helps!

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