Contact Widget wont install

I’ve placed the update notifications in the MU plugins folder. That seems to be the only file that needs to be uploaded but I uploaded the contacts widget folder to MU plugins and the regular plugins folder but still nothing showing up in my widgets. Am I missing something here.

Any Ideas would be great, thanks.

  • drmike
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    You can’t use folders in the mu-plugins folder. Has to be in the top level. You can use folders in the plugins directory though.

    Please remember that you should always include a check of your webserver’s error logs when asking for help or dealing with an error else you get to feed Sue her chocolate. *sniff* I miss Luke…

    edit: And the update notification plugin needs work. There’s a couple of threads already covering that that should be on the first or second page of the forums here. I’ll add the tag though in case they’re not.

  • camster
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    I initially did a search and the only thread I could find is this one

    but it wasn’t specific to installing so I started a new thread.

    I can check with my host again but I previously asked for server error logs on another issue but was told I cant access them.

    What was wrong is I uploaded the “contact-widget-1.1” folder to the plugins folder.

    Turns out you have to open that folder and then there’s another folder called “contact form”

    Thats the one that needs to go in the plugins folder.


  • lars2923
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    Before I describe the scenario, I want to ask, why is it so difficult to find the installation instructions for a package? Go the the site where one may download a product and there are links to all sorts of things but nothing on installation instructions. Why is this not a fundamental feature at each products link?

    Going to the readme.html is reads: (focus on step 2. below.)

    Installing a plugin or theme

    1.Unzip the downloaded zip file.

    2.Please follow the plugin or theme installation instructions and upload path – these will be documented in the plugin or themes homepage on WPMU DEV, just click on ‘Installation’ on the packages page.

    3.Mu-plugins will automatically install, for regular plugins login to

    Am I making any sense? Or am I missing something?

    Getting to the purpose of this post, is I unziped the ‘contact’ widget under wp-content/plugins

    for WP 3.0.1 and I find nothing under any menu on my admin page.


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