Contacting Users in Membership Levels as a Group

We are deploying WordPress Membership to manage parent groups (“Member Levels”:wink: at a school website. The tool has made it very to setup and manage the rights of various groups to view different info. It alone is worth the price of membership. (no pun intended).

One of our objectives is to proactively contact these groups/Member Levels via e-mail/e-newsletter. There are a lot of solutions that allow us to accomplish this but all appear to require maintaing separate distribution lists. We would like to base communication based on the pre-defined and actively managed Member Levels. We have thought of using the MailChimp plugin but it doesn’t appear to support having different lists based on Member Levels. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to accomplish would be greatly appreciated before we go to far down any particular path.

Thank you in advance for your thought and consideration.