Content Area of wp-admin is blank

I have a client site that I hadn’t looked at for a while. When I logged in the wp-admin content areas are blank, even though the left sidebar admin menus are still live.

When clicking through various admin areas core wp functions are all blank and some of the plugin settings are ok.

I’ve removed some blank space from wp-config.php and cleaned up the htaccess file of some lines left by an old plugin, but I’m still not seeing the whole picture.

I renamed the plugins folder to refresh the system but that didnt work either.

The site itself is fine, although the header image for the theme in use has dropped below some of the content.

Its running an older version of wp so and upgrade might help things.

I’ve searched around wordpress forums for some light on the subject, but nothing so far.

Hoping I might be able to get some inspiration from in here :slight_smile:

thanks for any help in advance.