Content Curation & Sharing Drafts

Good day everyone.

This is not a two unrelated questions post, but two questions that are actually related.

90% of the work I do is for clients and as part of my monthly income, I perform content curation and posting of articles that they provide. The first part of this is, "Does anyone know of any plugins that can assist with content curation?" I've seen several premium plugins for sale on the Warrior Forum and JVZoo, but the problem I see with them is that I can't control as much as I - or my clients - would like for me to.

I am currently using Google Alerts to find articles for me - and maybe I just need to get better at my keywords - but I'm doing a lot of reading/skimming to get what I want. Sure, I read over 400 words a minute (more when I'm skimming), but anything I can do to reduce the amount that I do would be great.

Part 2 - Once I put the content together with the parts that I write around it, I'd like to share the post/page in "Draft" mode with my clients before we actually publish the post/page. I've found a plugin in the WP repository "Share A Draft" (, but I am always looking for a better/easier/more useful option if one happens to exist. This plugin is about as simple as it gets. Basically, once you save a draft, you choose "Share a Draft" from the "Posts" menu and then choose which draft you'd like to share. You give it a time frame in which it's shared and click "Share it". You will have a link that you can share with anyone and they see the post with all the formatting you've put into it.

I'd love to have something where that when I share it, I'm able to send it directly to the person from the website using the mail system. That's not a necessity, but it sure would be pretty slick.

If anyone has ideas of comments, feel free to pass them along.