Content distribution and nested groups

How would I do the following on a WPMU/BuddyPress site using the MU theme?
Create the following groups and sub-groups:
Red Group
Red Riders sub-group
Red Runners sub-group
Red Walkers sub-group
White Group
White Beads sub-group
White Bracelets sub-group
Blue Group
Blue Shirts sub-group
Blue Pants sub-group

As a moderator of the Red Group I know that if I create a post or write a message it will go to all members of the red group. What I'd like is the ability to send a post or message and be able to select which of the nested groups receive the it. So if I'm the moderator of the Blue group and I create a post or message specifically for the blue pants how can I keep members of the blue shirts from seeing the message? Is there a plugin to manage this?

Any responses appreciated

  • nusolutions

    This is specific to BuddyPress groups, nesting them and having an option to select which of the sub-groups are able to view certain content. So users may select the groups they'd like to join during registration. Moderators of the groups can check which groups are able to view certain content. So say paid users are added to one group and non-paid to another. I create another group that sits under the paid members group who are members of the paid gold members sub group. Members of this group may see all content while members of the paid silver and bronze groups will see different content due to their membership level.