Content from Database not loading after special characters


For some reason I can't figure out, out of nowhere one of my client's websites has stopped loading all of its content. It will load everything up until it hits a special character at which point it breaks.

For example, there is a downloads page that has a list of brochures in different languages. the page content loads fine until it hits the "ñ" in "Español" and then everything after that isn't available despite it existing in the database (I've checked the corresponding line in the sql file)

INSERT  INTO <code>wp_posts</code>  VALUES('10','1','2013-02-26 10:46:38','2013-02-26 10:46:38','To download our company brochure please click on the language of your choice:\r\n\r\n<a href=\&quot;\&quot;><img class=\&quot;size-full wp-image-83\&quot; alt=\&quot;gb\&quot; src=\&quot;\&quot; width=\&quot;16\&quot; height=\&quot;11\&quot; /> English</a>\r\n\r\n<a href=\&quot;\&quot;><img class=\&quot;size-medium wp-image-86\&quot; alt=\&quot;es\&quot; src=\&quot;\&quot; width=\&quot;16\&quot; height=\&quot;11\&quot; /> Español</a>\r\n\r\n<a href=\&quot;\&quot;><img class=\&quot;size-medium wp-image-85\&quot; alt=\&quot;de\&quot; src=\&quot;\&quot; width=\&quot;16\&quot; height=\&quot;11\&quot; /> Deutsch</a>\r\n\r\n<a href=\&quot;\&quot;><img class=\&quot;size-medium wp-image-84\&quot; alt=\&quot;pt\&quot; src=\&quot;\&quot; width=\&quot;16\&quot; height=\&quot;11\&quot; /> Português</a>\r\n\r\n<a href=\&quot;\&quot;><img class=\&quot;size-full wp-image-91\&quot; alt=\&quot;br\&quot; src=\&quot;\&quot; width=\&quot;16\&quot; height=\&quot;11\&quot; /> Português</a>\r\n\r\n<a href=\&quot;#\&quot;><img class=\&quot;size-medium wp-image-88\&quot; alt=\&quot;it\&quot; src=\&quot;\&quot; width=\&quot;16\&quot; height=\&quot;11\&quot; /> Italiano (coming soon)</a>\r\n\r\n<a href=\&quot;#\&quot;><img class=\&quot;size-medium wp-image-87\&quot; alt=\&quot;fr\&quot; src=\&quot;\&quot; width=\&quot;16\&quot; height=\&quot;11\&quot; /> Français (coming soon)</a>','Downloads','','publish','open','open','','downloads','','','2013-06-25 09:28:06','2013-06-25 09:28:06','','0','','10','page','','0');

Actual domain name changed, but this is the line in the sql file for the content of the downloads page.

The resultant page loads like the attached screenshot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello @James

    Welcome to WPMU community!

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    This is really strange. Do you see the same if you enable default theme and disable all plugins? If yes, would you please enable debug mode and check if any error is shown in that page?

    To enable debug mode please edit a line in your wp-config.php:

    define('WP_DEBUG', false);


    define('WP_DEBUG', true);

    Please let us know what errors you see there.


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