Content protection doesn't seem to work, what's the point?

I'm not trying to protect a lot. I just wanted to hide a single paragraph in a page and allow only 2 choices in the admin menu. Neither the shortcode or setting the access levels worked.

I'm a little frustrated. I develop wordpress sites for a living and this plugin has been a bit of PITA.

I've found quite a lot to read here in the forums, and I see that the content permissions seems to be an ongoing problem for many. Sort of the whole point of the plugin, isn't it?

Right now I've got Justin Tadlock's "member" plugin installed doing the bit of content protection.

I'm seriously trying to figure out why I want to keep this installed. If it can't protect the content properly, what other features make it worth using?

I'm not being facetious, but perhaps I'm not a good candidate for the plugin. This is what I'm doing:

Dental Study Club
Annual memberships
Membership Levels:
--New Dentists ($250/yr)
--Regular Members ($300/yr)
--Officers (free)

All members can add their information to the online directory (logo or photo, contact info, social media links and links to their website)

The site's main feature is an event calendar (Event Espresso) with information about the events and the ability to RSVP online (and pay for tickets for non-members). Event Espresso *can* work using the WordPress user info, but because both EE and WPMU membership plugin use the same page slug (members) I can't use that feature. (that feature also lets you set different prices for members)

So the Membership plugin's function for me, in addition to protecting access to various aspects of the site, is to handle the membership subscriptions (which apparently I'll have to go into the DB to manually set expiration dates when we first start since this is an existing club). Then it will automatically send out notifications of renewal and ideally renew any subscriptions set up with the PayPal subscription automatically.

The only membership sequence I'd be using would be to promote the new dentists to regular members at a year.

Is using this overkill for my needs? We're talking about a club of 60 or so people...