Contextual Help JS Fix

Wordpress 3.3 with Infinite SEO

The link on Step 3 "Tiles and Meta" Click here to see the list of the supported macros.

has a small bug with the contextual help slide toggle in the admin.js.

I changed wds-files/js/admin.js by removing..

$('#contextual-help-wrap').slideToggle('fast', function() {
			if ( $(this).hasClass('contextual-help-open') ) {
				$('#contextual-help-link').css({'backgroundPosition':'top '+bgx});
				$('#screen-options-link-wrap').css('visibility', '');
			} else {
				$('#contextual-help-link').css({'backgroundPosition':'bottom '+bgx});

And replacing it with

The only issue I could see with this fix possibly is if there is a setting to remove contextual help from wordpress entirely, but I don't remember being able to do this anywhere necessarily.

I looked for recent posts talking about this and didn't catch anything but sorry if I'm doubling up on anything.