Continue Checkout Button disappears/scripts issue

We are having issues with the marketpress plugin. At first the continue checkout button was disappearing when you enter the shipping information upon checkout. Then we fixed the disappearing issue by adding a display: inline-block; style to the css file. But now you have to click on continue checkout button twice to go to the billing section of checkout.

At the end of last week we updated the marketpress plugin to the latest version. We also moved the site to a new server.

So potentials causes from our understanding.

1. New Marketpress plugin is not working, reverting to old version may work?
2. Something related to the SSL/server possibly?
3. It looks like a script is causing the problem, but not sure what is causing the error.

Please let me know what other info you need to look into this issue. Im not sure what information should be put in here vs not. I can provide whatever information is needed to fix this issue.