Controlling formatting - especially bullets

On this page:

the formatting is a series of bulleted lists. However even though the code looks like this:

<h2>The Situation</h2>
Getting older, the cost of living in London and our own aspirations are influenced by factors that are often beyond our control. These include:
	<li>Getting older may mean increasing isolation:
	<li>30% women 65 – 74 years old live alone</li>
	<li>Social isolation is a contributing factor to poor health and reduced quality of life</li>
	<li>The cost of living is becoming unsustainable and unpredictable</li>
	<li>Potentially disastrous climate change and a desire to make a sustainable and responsible contribution reduction</li>
	<li>Not enough control over our home and environment, no sense of community</li>
	<li>No easy solution for housing the younger generation</li>
<h2>What’s Important to us</h2>
Given the situation we realised tha...

The bullets do not show and the heading spacing is wrong. I originally copied this from a document so, thinking there may be something that was brought in when I copied, I recreated as plain text pasted in and then formatted in situ. However the problem remains.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you........... liz