Controlling plug-in output page not to show using the default page template

I’m using Jobs & Expert plugin.
I’m using dynamic webpage in which I can manage where to show items using a page builder tool. After activating the plugin it create a page with shortcodes. So I can place the shortcode anywhere in my page and it works fine. (for example: I only showed the plugin’s related items, showed my own header images, and removed the default sidebar that comes with default page template)
However, when click an button (i.e: Post a Job) it will open the posting job form in different page using the default page template (showing the sidebar and old stuff).Is there any workaround that can I do to show the plugin output in specific area (i.e. shortcode). Any suggestion pleas? By the way you did it in your job & Expert section. When I click Post a Job it show the posting job form only! How?