Converted existing site to multisite. 3999 posts none show.

I have done the conversion 5 times and follow step by step the various conversions from single to multi site. 4.1 on single site, setup the network, all appears to be working. But, none of the near 4000 posts show on the site.
Export/Import with or without attachments fails to present any posts.
Only post to show is manually entered.
What did I do wrong???

  • joe romello
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    Hi Bojan,
    Thanks for the response.
    I have a site at (bdev) which I brought current to WP 4.1 and then cloned to (mbl). We want sites under mbl to be health, personal, remedies and probably some others. Same users provide content types so multisite seems to be the way to go for us.

    So, I backed up the code and db from bdev.
    Then cloned bdev into mbl.
    Checked both sites against each other for navigation, content, etc. - check.
    Setup DNS for health.mbl and personal.mbl
    created two new themes for mbl - health and personal
    backup mbl code and db

    followed the post at after having resarched the WP codex, WPMU and other references to the MS process

    Successfully transition mbl to multisite (many times LOL but frustrated).
    In the dashboard for mbl I see 3,999 posts, 52 users - check

    I see at a perfect Home Page but navigation with navigation categories, plugins working (related posts, a magento best sellers plugin, DISQUS posts, top articles) looks like it should
    I then hit any navigation element or any article on the HP and the next page has no content but does have header, footer and right rail - which appear to be operating.

    I setup health and personal as new sites and see 1 post and 1 user
    I enable plugins and I see the Home Page render with header, footer, google ads, plugins, article excerpts, images, graphics - I am feeling good
    when i hit any link on the home page (article, post, navigation to category or sub-category) I see header, footer, ads from google, right side bar, navigation but no posts!

    My expectation was that at least the site i had at bdev would be resident and operating at mbl after the multisite transition - that does not appear to be the case for me.

    Since we wanted to rework mbl anyway I decided to try and export (using Tools Export) from bdev and import (using Tools Import) into health subdomain. I installed the plugin and enabled it for the Network.

    I had to break the WXR file (13 MB) into 7 files of 2 MB each. Then I imported the first file with attachments checked. After 4 hours the screen was still staring at me and provided no error messages. Process was still running but observation of the db showed no inserts. Killed the process and compared the tables of health to personal and they were the same size and count - hmmmmm.

    So then I tried to import the same file into personal without attachments checked. Got an error on media for each post I presume - didn't count them but without attachments I would expect that behavior. Took maybe 15-20 minutes to complete. Went to the dashboard of personal and 1 post (hello world) ;-(

    So I figured I had a bad install somewhere along the way and I have repeated the process a number of times including importing all 7 files to completion with and without attachments.

    What you see publicly is the result of my attempts - I don't even have the site I had when I started so clearly I am missing something but the CODEX instructions and the WPMU references lead me to the same conclusion.

    Hopefully this provides some background and the process i followed. Please tell me I screwed something up in step 1 or 2 and I will feel really better and will jump to resolve it.

    Thanks for your time.

    PS Happy Holidays

  • Jack Kitterhing
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    Hi there Joe,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question and patience here.

    Setup DNS for health.mbl and personal.mbl

    Did you setup the DNS individually for your subsites and do they have their own folders on your hosting setup?

    If you are using a subdomain based multisite, you should have a wildcard A record * and then the WordPress subdomains are virtual, they shouldn't exist as folders on your hosting.

    Please advise.


    Kind Regards

  • joe romello
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    Hi Jack,
    We self host in the event that makes a difference (so we control the entire stack).

    All subdomains point to the same IP address

    In httpd.conf we differentiate the domain names (actually the subdomains in this case) and direct them to the appropriate and distinct wordpress folders

    We have separate folders under /var/www/html for each site (mbl, health, personal) snapshot of directory attached.
    Prior to the conversion we installed a fresh 4.1 WP copy in each directory.


  • calvinrogercanas
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    Hey there Joe,

    Hope you're well! :slight_smile:

    I am a bit unsure of what you want to happen. Seeing that you have folder for each site meaning you will have 3 single sites. right? Does exporting post within specific category don't work? I can see that you have post assign to respective category.

    I suggest you try to export few post then import it to your site just to see if it will show. Let me know if it works or not so I think our next plan of attack :slight_smile:

    Looking forward for your reply! :slight_smile:

    Take care,

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