Converting a CustomPress Group of Fields to a Front End Form

Hello guys,

I am trying to understand something here.

I have all of these fields created and I would like to let my new users to sign up on my multisite and then fill their Vendor Profile using a form on the Front End.

Should I be looking for a form plugin, or simply create the fields myself in HTML or something like that?

You see the more I think about it, I say to myself maybe I’ve been going about this all wrong. Is there not already a way to get people to fill a bunch of questions to create their account on wordpress? I have to admit I have very little experience with this type of user and Website interaction other than clicking links. I’m hoping I can learn the best way to go about doing these kinds of things, hopefully without having to buy another plugin. I am member of WPMU so I have access to those if you were to recommend one of these. If you are reading this thinking “Why are you doing it this way, I would do it this way” please let me know your approach.

Thank You.