Converting from wp-fb-connect

I've been using wp-fb-connect with the majority of users registering this way. I'd like to switch to the WPMUDEV Ultimate Facebook because it really kicks ass.

I'm afraid that users will either not be able to log in or will lose their existing user names, not to mention some confusion when they get a confirmation request.

Any idea what I should expect if I switch this over? I really don't have the time to invest in doing a test site or anything but may have to do that to learn the repercussions. Just wondering if anyone here has done this and what the results were...

  • ClvrTv
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    Also interested in this. wp-fb-connect (premium) seems to offer a far greater level of robustness on the user validation / management / sync with FB / profile fields / etc. side of things, but of course doesn't have the breadth of other features the Ultimate FB plugin offers.

    One of my biggest hesitations is - will Ultimate FB handle the user account / logins management / sync'ing and profile field sync'ing as well as wp-fb-connect?

    So far I am playing with both, but there is a conflict as they both pull in the FB API. with both plugins active i get the following notice in wp-fb-connect:

    Warning: Another plugin has included the Facebook API throughout all of Wordpress. I suggest you contact that plugin's author and ask them to include it only in pages where it's actually needed.

    Things may work fine as-is, but *if* the API version included by the other plugin is older than the one required by WP-FB AutoConnect, it's possible that the login process could fail.

    My ideal scenario at this point would be to use wp-fb-connect for the user login management and Ultimate FB for everything else, but currently not possible (I get an error in the FB login pop-up now when trying to login with wp-fb-connect since activating Ultimate FB):

    An error occurred with [User Name]. Please try again later.

    Would love to hear any insights out there.

  • Philip John
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    Hiya guys,

    My initial thought is that using the same FB app for both plugins would make for an easy transition. However, I'm going to defer to the developer on this one for a definite answer as this goes to the heart of how the plugin is constructed.


  • ClvrTv
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks, James. Quick clarification from my end - I currently have both working in tandem now, though I still get the warning.

    The error I reported before was - if I remember correctly - caused by the implication of the domain name registered with the app on FB mismatch on a domain mapped site when accessing the Ultimate FB settings through the mapped URL /wp-admin not the subdomain URL of the registered app domain.

    Figuring that out, I can still use Ultimate FB and wp-fb-connect at the same time (however, some things on the client side like FB Comments don't work on mapped domains due to the mismatch.

    Still interested in the roadmap for Ultimate FB and particular those features that wp-fb-connect does so well (user field mappings, robust user account check and sync, etc.)


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