Convince Me To Stick With WPMUDev

I apologize in advance for being seriously cranky in my first post on the forums.

Originally, I was just going to add my voice to this thread ( requesting that a date picker be added to the CustomPress plugin. I wondered why this seemingly basic feature, available in so many other free plugins, still hadn't been added in response to the member's request three months ago.

Hang on, I told myself—surely this question is answered elsewhere—after all, folks plunk down hundreds of dollars a year for WPMUDev's "expert" support! They would be far more attentive than that, right?

So I went through the CustomPress forums. There, I found six separate threads spread out over two years, asking for the same feature, asking pretty please for the same feature, asking if it might be possible, maybe, to know when it might be incorporated?

I've linked below to various responses from support staff. Your signup page pitches "round the clock forum support, the best WordPress support available, like having your own personal developer." I'm not sure anyone really expects that, but I know quite a few members, myself included, that would like to see you at least try.

masonjames, December, 2010: "Yeah, I see what you man, and definitely would be cool. I know we have a lot of features already planned for future release." []

masonjames, January 2011: "I can't give ya an ETA. However, ALL plugins are currently being upgraded for WordPress 3.1's expected release next week…It IS on the agenda though. Hang tight!"

masonjames, March 2011: "We are listening and know you'd like to see some enhancements to this plugin. We've notified the developer and will be looking into the feasibility of this. Until then, you can implement this yourself manually or through some custom development." []

masonjames, April 2011: "This is still something we're looking at providing. We don't give ETAs, but hearing member's like yourself asking for it does give it a 'bump' on our priority list so thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:" []

DavidM, August 2011: "Several months back we lost the initial developer who was working on this plugin but we've since gotten another great developer taking up the task of further development. I'll ask him to have a look at this thread as it's been requested and this really is a nifty feature to have. Meanwhile, any other +1s?" []

DavidM, December 2011: "Sounds like a great idea, and I could swear there was a previous suggestion on this, but I believe that was quite a while ago. Let's have a look at this one here. Any +1s on a date field?" []

masonjames, December 2011: "So, to be clear, you're looking for custom meta boxes with validation, date pickers, etc. yeah? Not a bad idea at all. Anyone else looking for something like this? Chime in with your +1s!" []

Andrey (Developer), January 2012: "Thanks, I added it to the list of the future features." []

masonjames, January 2012: "There's no thread with a solution as we haven't added this to custompress (yet). However there is a tutorial here…" []

Andrey (Developer), February 2012: "ok I will try." []