Copy a site from one server to another


Is there a plugin that can copy one WordPress site onto a completely different server? I’m using cloner, which works great for multisite, but what about a site that isn’t multisite?

Is this something that can be done use Snapshot? I’ve never used snapshot before so I’m curious if it can do this.

Thank you!


  • sinoun
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks! Just to be clear, the old site and new site will be different domains. Snapshot can still handle it, correct? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes since it seems that’s what you are implying, but I just want to double check. :slight_smile:

  • bjdchwr
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I’ve had another trick.

    If the sql file it not large enough, you can probably open it by using 3rd party text editor (with mysql plugin installed, I am using TextMate on Mac), then try to replace the strings from your original website to the new URL.

    I usually build a beta website for my clients so when I am doing the migration, I will replace the all of the URL in the MYSQL file with the new address just by replacing the name. I will upload the changed file to the phpmyadmin afterwards. Compared with the other methods (especially the mysql command), it’s a hassle free process.

    Well, it’s good to know Snapshot could do the work anyway!

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