Copy a template from local to online server

Would be possible to copy a template created in my localhost server to my online WP online installation or do I have to create the same template again for using New Blog Templates plugin?

  • aecnu

    Greetings Marcelo,

    Thank you for this great question which is certainly appreciated.

    The New Blog Template should indeed be produced on a sub site of your live installation and though you can copy a lot of what you have done on your local to the live sub site i.e. it is in your interest to recreate it on the live site.

    This opinion is due to making sure you are not missing any elements and all entries are made on the live site.

    I have never heard of anyone doing this before as you have described, copying that is. So if you do try to implement it please be sure to let me know how it goes.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • marcelo_rocha

    Hello, Joe.
    Thanks for your message. I always make the things first in my local server and then, when everything is working fine, I copy all that stuff to my online server. I think the New Blog Templates is a great plugin as it really saves us lots of time. I'm making some site models and am building up them locally first. After each one is good I'll be having a template ready for using in my online sites and if I can only copy this template to there would be even better as I wouldn't have to recreate it again from the scratch. Maybe you just had face the same situation hence my question about. Well, I'm going to continue my project and if I have some progress about will be posting here in this topic, could be?

    Best regards,
    Marcelo Rocha.

  • aecnu

    Greetings Marcelo,

    Thank you so very much for your additional input and vision into what you are doing and your configuration thereof. It is certainly appreciated.

    I have only once tried developing locally and when I moved the site to the server and all the domain name issues, graphics, links etc. I said forget it.

    I only want to do this work one time and tweak it once, not have to deal with it over and over.

    However, I do respect your choice and will help in anyway I can.

    Well, I'm going to continue my project and if I have some progress about will be posting here in this topic, could be?

    Can you clarify this please? I do not understand if you are indeed asking me a question or thinking out loud :smiley:

    Cheers, Joe

  • marcelo_rocha

    Hi, Joe.
    Thanks for your message once more. Well, at first I was only verifying if you had tried to work in this way before so I just would have a way to do what I was intended to (I don't want to reinvented the wheel many times... :slight_smile:
    Well, I agree with you that this can be the same as making the same thing twice and maybe I can't take any advantage in making all the things first in my local server for then copy them online. I really don't want to waste time here also and, yes, I was thinking out loud :slight_smile:
    This is the first multisite I'm working on and am still looking for the better way to work on it.
    My initial question was only if we had a way to copy a template made with the New Blog Templates plugin here from my local server to the online server but the process to do that probably would represent more unnecessary work than to just configure a site we choose to be a template again from the scratch. I still will be working locally first only to test the things. The plugin will save lots of time after when we need to apply the things online and that is just cool indeed.
    Thanks for helping me once more!

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