Copy - events at the add event ..

Events +
Many similar events (same address - same details etc)

PLEASE add a way to clone event at the "add event spot..."
ie - all import facilities do a terrible job with events and do not cover recurring (which 90% of ours are)

So can we have a way to ADD duplicate event.. thus allowing a cloned copy and we have to change date or time or other minor details instead of retyping literally hundreds of lines of exactly the same

EVENT 1 from 1-3
Same venue same information and details but next event
EVENT 2 from 7-11

  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi @be,

    That's a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion here. As you've pointed out, the plugin doesn't do this right now. I'll move this to features and feedback so other members can share their thoughts and it can be considered for future development

  • dlamar
    • Flash Drive

    You really need to do this now. Apparently this plug-in does not use the standard CPT built-in to Wordpress, so none of the Duplicate Post plugins work...
    Since you made it non-standard, you really need to fix this for us right away...

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    NO - unfortunately as all of us that need to use it as an actual business events plugin are forced to use other options WPMU Dev repeat the answer that "not enough users" want this as they call it "feature"
    When in fact it is a REQUIREMENT and is available with all other event solutions..

    Extremely disappointing and costly if you intend to use it as a business solution for anything but a small event type site..

    Our smallest event sites hold aprox 400 events which require OVER 600 HOURS to put up due to this lack of ability..
    Simply NOT practical

    As this plugin has morphed from a "calendar" to an event "solution" there are numerous oversights..

    It can neither CLONE nor IMPORT events Some of us have been waiting YEARS for the solution that is presented as "all you need to run an event site"

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