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Just wondered if anyone had some copy for a press release ?MY brain aint engaged today

  • David
    • The Crimson Coder

    That’s about as open-ended a question as you can get. Go visit You might need a login, but they’re chock full of press releases.

    While we’re open ended, here are a few press release tips:

    – No one reads emailed or faxed press releases anymore

    – Make sure your headline describes what you’re pitching. If you pitch with hyperbole, it’ll just get ignored and you’ll be set as spam

    – Never criticize a writer fer bad grammar or inkorect spellin

    – Actually have something newsworthy to say

    – Another way to think of that is you need to have some content that the folks you’re pitching to might want to use

    – Press people are cranky, tired, overworked, busy, and have. Heard. It. All. Before.

    – You are never as important as you think you are

    – The executives who work for you or who you represent are even less important than they think they are

    – The really, really, for-real important people know they’re not as important as all that

    – So make your press release something frickin’ useful.

    – Never, ever consider writing (or especially sending) a press release when your brain ain’t engaged.

    – Never underestimate the power of free food at a trade show

    – Older press people are smarter and more bitter than you are

    – Embargoes piss us off. We’d rather ignore you forever

    – Tricks and gimmicks piss us off (unless they’re cool, fling things, or are edible)

    – Younger press people haven’t survived long enough to be smart, and don’t yet know just how bitter they’re going to become

    – Most press people have tremendous self control

    – PR flacks and members of the press are different species, except if they need a gig

    – Bloggers are press. Sometimes. Sometimes not.

    – Don’t do as I do, do as I say.

    If you have specific questions ask here or shoot me a note and I’ll try to answer.

  • Dean Kaus
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hey @david Great advice! I had to laugh at several of your comments, mostly because they are so true.

    @alan for anyone to really help you here we would need a bit more information.

    Some of the old still holds true such as the Who, What, Where and When factors.

    With all of the available options available today you have to think your message through and sometimes make different press releases for different media outlets.

    Like @david said you don’t want to write one when your brain is not engaged, however some of my best work comes in those moments. So my suggestion is write everything down regardless of how crazy it sounds, but don’t send it anywhere until you’ve looked it over with a clear head.

    If you want to post a little more detail here on you’re press release I can take a look and see if I can help. I’ll be on tonight for another 20 minutes or so and then again tomorrow. I’m on Chicago Time.

  • Mark
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I wrote one for the first time recently and used the guide the service gave me. It’s very basic (and doesn’t contain the real-world tips David offers), but it should serve as a good template for a conventional press release.

    PR Web’s “How to write a press release” (PDF)

    Like the guys said, HALT. Which means never write something or make big decisions when you’re…





    Good one to live by.

    Go get ’em,


  • 3SixtyEvolve
    • New Recruit

    It is great to read through the posts and see the advice from everyone.

    @alan, we have some good folks here at WPMU DEV. You can ask anything – there is always someone that can help. I agree with Mark @mark77210. I also live by HALT, but I also agree with Dean. Write things down and re-visit it when you are rest. Some of my best work started when I was well, doing through-the-nighters…

    @david, some good advice there. I had to laugh a couple of times myself.

    @dean, thank you for always being helpful here!

    Just great to have all you as members :slight_smile:


  • shineadmin
    • New Recruit




    all in thread

    my sincerest apologies for lack of info I was just looking for content relating to the WP MU package etc and to see how anyone else had presented it to press I well versed in writing a release but the all nighters trying to get launched had left me a little .

    Thanks for all your great advice I have been in media for years and son and I have our own press rooms with 1000’s of media contacts all in the loop that I have built up over number of years in press in UK, US and OZ .

    I had already set up rooms for another dev member Pranya its a great way of marketing at £15 per release per country or £60 for a targeted and tracked release!

    Every release we have done with pressport has been amazing and I can setup a shared room and share contacts perhap’s we should have a marketing suggestions thread so we can all bounce idea’s of each other and help share stuff like this will save us all money and probably more importantly our time in the long run.

    Once again plz accpet my apologies for the lack of information in my post and thankyou for the great feedback and advice

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