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Which is recommend best and simplest way in Word Press for:
1) Copy my the entire site (design, look and feel, menus, all 100% files) and then paste in another domain eg from to (Is Shipper plugin what can help me with this)
2) Same question but only for a single page. For some sites I have Divi which make simpler (just to download jsonfile), but other WP I have other builders or none at all. So is there a way to copy a single page design (one page id or url) and then upload it in a different site?
3) Also is there a way to copy third party site (or one page only) without accessing their WP Admin. For instance accessing html code.

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    Helo Martin.

    #1: Yes, you can use our Shipper Pro plugin to migrate a site from one domain to another domain which will copy the entire site, that means the new site will be completely identical to the old site.

    #2: Well, this is only possible if you have same theme on both sites. Then you can export from one site and import into another. Otherwise, you have to manually design the that page.

    #3: There are some softwares which can download the entire site and give you as a static html website. For example:

    But note that, if the site uses ajax driven content, that can't be downloaded. You will see blank for that part.

    Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Have a nice day!


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