Copy Propeitary Categories to New Theme

I'm currently having an issue where a client is trying to implement a new design on her site however the old site had built in functionality which is different than the new theme. Namely the way you created albums to be displayed - it's a bit different.

I tried exporting the data from the old WordPress site and importing it into the new setup but I kept getting invalid portfolio type errors or alerts saying items existed already.

The original site is and it uses a theme from

The new temporary site is on and the theme is

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Charles!

    Unfortunately, this is one of the drawbacks of using themes that have every possible slider/gallery/lightbox/shortcode/whistle/bell included, it's something we call "theme lock-in."

    You'll need to recreate the galleries using the new theme's method, which you'll need to do again if your client changes their mind on what theme they want in the future, or using the default WordPress gallery, which should show up fine no matter how many themes you go through. Another alternative is a gallery plugin (a standalone plugin, not in a theme bundle, so the plugin can be used with any theme.) which would work as long as the plugin is installed.

    You can ask the original theme developers if they could create a plugin from their gallery features you could install on the new site to get your current galleries to work, but your mileage may very on how compliant they'll be.

    I learned this lesson the hard way, too. A theme I bought was full of gorgeous elements built with shortcodes. Then the theme stopped being updated/supported, and I had to switch. I ended up spending hours deleting shortcodes via the database/editing posts.

    I wish I had better news for you here. : (

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