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What is the easiest way to edit the footer area of business feature them... I don't see it anywhere in the site options and didn't want to do it via the footer.php

Do none of these themes have instructions... Any theme you come across anywhere has a little bit different way about them and it gets to be a hassle spending so much time trial and error to see what makes what happen?

I did not know how the search bar got on the home page until i actually set up a blog.. maybe I missed something in options...

PS what are they using for the register page here my wp-register.php jumps to this

I have multi site but dont have blog creating enabled just register??

  • DavidM
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    Hi Scott,

    To edit the actual content within the footer you would have to edit footer.php, though if you use the child theme in \themes\business-feature-child\ you could create a copy of the footer.php file there and make your edits, which would keep your changes update-safe (updates to the parent theme wouldn't erase your changes).

    Some of the themes do contain documentation in the theme folder and this one has that at:

    The registration process over at WP Plugins is actually a highly custom and quite impressive solution that basically brings back-end functionality to the theme's front-end.

    And fortunately, you can use the free Theme My Login plugin to achieve much the same.

    Hope that helps answer your questions, let me know if you have further questions on this.


  • scott74
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thanks for all that Dave..
    Says here all themes come with instructional videos also... not sure where those are

    Ps.. a. can you change just the default computer screen on the right of the header block with this theme... It seems to be apart of that whole 920px wide image.. So do you have to create a whole new 920px bannner with your own image overlayed on the right side then??

    b. Also whats the trick to adding the HOME icon for the home tab... Is this done under the menu section css / link rel or something... or custom link.. do you just add the a href html there or something?


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