copy theme to test plugin, then copy plugin back to original site

ok forgive me for that awful heading i will try to explain my request in greater detail.
forgive me for selecting "advanced wordpress" as the category as this is advanced for me :slight_smile:

Site A is the production site - Site B is the test site (subdomain)
I want to copy/transfer the theme from site A to site B to have all the styling etc. and set a "realistic" stage.
then install, setup and test "Events+" plugin to determine if it is suitable for the business needs (most likely yes).
Then with the wave of a magic won, copy/transfer all the events, google maps, calendars etc. created for Events+ back into production Site A so it basically now using a completely configured Events+ system.

- Can all the "copy/transfer" parts be done solely with "Snapshot" as I have to use this for backup in any event and prefer as few plugins as possible ?

I hope i have explained myself properly.

Any kind assistance in this will be greatly appreciated.

kind regards,