Copy widget doesn't seem to work?

Hi –

It seems that the edit widget for cross-site copying doesn’t work. It just takes me to the main Copy admin page (step 1) where I can go through the whole process manually.

The content copying works, but I would have thought the widget was supposed to pre-fill a bunch of the options (source, target, content etc.) and perhaps even do it without me having to click through the wizard.

Is this intended behavior? I’m running a multisite with 8 sites, and Domain Mapping for FQDNs for each site.

Also, why doesn’t the widget have a dropdown for single site destinations? It’s not a big deal, but it means I have to create a ‘group’ for each site just so they show up in the Widget dropdown. Seems like pulling the site URLs/IDs to make a single-site destination dropdown would be pretty easy, no?