Copying every post from a category to another site.

Hello. I am working on a site that has grown A LOT. I need to break it up into a few other sites. I've set up a Multisite Network and now I am in the process of using the Multisite Copier to assist with breaking it up into 4 different sites.

The issue I am running into is that categories have over 50 pages of posts that appear on the step for selecting posts to copy. Is there a way to just have it post all from a category, or perhaps show more than the 10 each page. Especially since the filter/search resets after I adding it to the queue.

I didn't see anything in the documentation that points on a way to do this without further guidance.

  • splaquet
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    If you haven't already developed the new site yet, you could use WPMU's Cloner plugin, and duplicate the original site... then, remove all of the posts that you don't need.

    That's probably the longer method, but it'd work.

    I'd most likely use WP All Import/Export would be the most ideal to grab only 1 category of posts with attachments.

  • Sohag Ronjon Dey
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    Hi Nathaniel,

    Hope you are doing well. :slight_smile:

    Currently there is no settings available for selecting all the posts at a time. You will need select the items by navigating the pagination and selecting the 10 items. I am adding this as a feature request from you. Hopefully our developer check this and consider adding this option in the future release.

    However from the plugins code you can try to change the number posts that showing in the posts list. You can try to edit this page using ftp or cpanel and browse to


    Here in line no 24 you will see

    $per_page = 10;

    You can change the no 10 from a heigher value suppose you have 100posts then you can set to 100 like

    $per_page = 100;

    After that you can check the admin and 100 posts will be shown at a time instead of 10. Please check the screenshot here after I made the change in my site

    Hope this helps.

    Please feel free to contact us if you need any more help.

    Wish you a very Happy New Year :slight_smile:


  • Nathaniel
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    Much thanks to both of you!
    I was able to utilize both of your suggestions to solve my issue. The Clone tool assisted with copying over menus, theme elements, etc. (but seemed to miss all my posts).

    The tweak to the Multisite Copier allowed me to copy over the posts I needed to place on that new site. Lucky for me I'm using a dedicated server so after a few tweaks to my configs on the back end, I was able to get it to spit out all the posts (over 850) in one go. Definitely not recommended for the average user, but perfect for my situation.

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