Corporate Buddypress theme sitewide post, sitewide activity glitches

I'm using corporate buddypress theme, for some reason, new members adding new blog posts or just create an account, the sitewide post widget and the blog link in member's profile shows no update.

For example: If I click on member's profile, and click on blog link, it shows error says "member hasn't create any public blog yet", even though I create a test user and make a test blog post!

The sitewide post widget which can be seen in action at is not updating when users create a new blog post.

Also on Sitewide Activity widget, it's not showing post update either.

It works fine couple days ago, but recent update corporate buddypress theme when James fixed the add friend button, and now I noticed these glitches.

When testing these glitches I also removed all installed mu-plugins from The glitches didn't go away even I did that!

I'm using wpmu 2.8.4.a and buddypress 1.0.3. Also using multidb the latest version. Any idea, and please help me solve these glitches? Thanks...