Corporate Theme and Welcome Pack... No Go?

Hi guys,

Have you ever encountered an issue where the Welcome Pack plugin doesn’t work with certain BP themes? I recently purchased the BuddyPress Corporate theme ( and installed it. Only once I’d worked on it for several days did I go back and realize that my welcome pack wasn’t working.

I deleted every single plugin in order to get to the bottom of it, and eventually I found that the plugin worked 100% with other themes, but the minute I enabled the Corporate theme, none of the Welcome Pack boxes “moved” when you clicked Enable / Disable. I had made one or two small customizations to the template, so I re-installed the clean one and still got the same issues.

I’m just wondering if you’ve ever encountered this, and could possibly point me in the right direction with regards to changing whatever conflicts I have to so that it can work.

Thanks very much for your time, and fantastic work you’re doing!