Corporate Theme home page styling help

I am in the process of creating a logged in and a logged out version of all widgets on the home page for this theme: (I haven't done footer yet) as we want create a totally different home page for logged in and logged out visitors.

I have created a logged in and logged out version of each widget in left, centre and right columns and placed these in the home-sidebar.php and home.php using Tammie's tutorial:

I am not even 100% sure I have added the logged out version to these pages 100% correctly - but they show, so it seems so.

The problem I am having (because I am not a developer) is getting the styling right in respect to the placement of the widgets. I have tried various different options and can't figure it out. Also the logged in and logged out are out in different ways.

I have attached a screenshot of logged in layout and the 2 files I have amended.

Please could someone help me with what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

Using: Corporate 1.3.2, WP 3.0.1 & BP 1.2.6