Correct Setup for Appointmets+ & MarketPress with Stripe


I am trying to set up Appointments+ with MarketPress using Stripe to handle payments, but I can't seem to find any information regarding the correct way to set this up. Could someone please provide with some info on how this is supposed to be set up?

Looking at it, it just looks like it generates a page where it displays all service providers and services. This doesn't work for how I want to set this up. I will have separate pages that I have created for each provider. I want people to just be able to book from each individual calendar. I don't want calendars to display everyone's availability.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Daniel,

    With the integration, you have to create the apps pages as products.

    So each provider will have to be added as a product in marketpress.

    You can use the shortcodes of apps+ to only display a specific providers calendar, like you can on normal pages.

    So you'd create a product for each provider, and use the shortcodes that you would use on each providers page, setting the worker in the shortcodes.

    for example;

    Create a product called Provider 1

    Then with the shortcodes

    [app_services worker="1" autorefresh="1"]
    [app_schedule worker="1"]
    [app_pagination add="1"]

    The above should then only display services assigned to provider id 1 & will only display the calendar for provider id 1

    So once done, you do the same again but for another provider, and change the worker="1" to the id of that provider.

    Hope this helps

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