Cost stops at 300, expiration date does not update.

Why do you have a drop-down to chose price? It stops at 300, thats far to low for a year in nok. Allso the Demo Period does not update on Save.

  • DavidM

    Hi brafolk and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Pay to Blog was somewhat superseded by the Supporter plugin, which provides quite a bit more functionality and provides quite a bit higher limits, though still using a drop down list.

    In any case, both of these plugins are due for a massive update that's in the works.

    For the time being, to adjust that limit in Pay to Blog, you can make a quick adjustment in the plugin file. On line 361 of pay-to-blog.php reads as follows:
    for ( $counter = 1; $counter <= 300; $counter += 1) {

    You can change that amount '300' to whatever amount you'd prefer.

    Regarding the Demo Period not saving, I've got a test site setup with it and it is saving over here. Is that the only field not saving in your scenario?