Could I put a custom field at the top of a taxonomy-custompost template?


I am working on site that is displaying products and product information with taxonomies on a tree menu. They have provided copy for some of the parent elements for general information for each product category/taxonomy and some of them do not have have general information.

In order to reduce the amount of children in the tree I am trying to figure out a way to display the general information for the overall parent if it is displayed by putting a custom field in the single-customposttype.php template. But I would like to display that general information for that category in the taxonomy-customposttype.php template only if it has one. For example, if the single post has general information attached to it, then display it in the taxonomy at the top. The problem would be if there are more than one children that have the general information, how not to display it redundantly. Do you know of a way to do this or do you have a better idea?