could i still provide my users with plugins if i only use WHMCS?

i know i keep asking a million questions regarding Pro Sites and WHMCS but im just trying to find the right solution for my site.

my question now is “if i only use WHMCS could i still provide my users with plugins and themes?”

from what i can piece together: with only using WHMCS im basically selling WP hosting. so users would be able to install their own themes and plugins and pretty much set their sites up any way they choose. they also set their domains at sign up…unless they choose a free subdomain.

with Pro Sites i control what plugins and themes the users have access to, as well as space.

so can i provide plugins and themes to my users if i only use WHMCS?

and to be clear Ultimate Branding and Admin menu editor, easy blogging, etc would still give me the ability to change the way my users dashboard looks and functions correct?