Events +: Could use a "feature event" extension

I'm hoping this plugin will work as a quick fix for a website that takes hundreds of event submissions then features the best of them. What I really need is the ability to add a star on certain events (typical of "feature post" plugins) then pull featured events for a date range (like YAFPP) into a blogroll.

At this point my only real option is to try to figure out how to integrate YAFPP into your plugin on my own but that is sub-optimal since it would make a real mess come update time.

Is there any way to implement this sort of feature? I'd prefer using your solution to drafting up a whole custom post & taxonomy template on my own, though in the end that may be more flexible solution. We'll see.

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    That is correct!

    I tried modifying the YAFPP plugin (no longer in development) using the following starting on line 462 (added the incsub_event post type):

    function yafpp_add_pages_to_query_opts($query_opts) {
        $query_opts['post_type'] = array('page','post','incsub_event');
        return $query_opts;

    That would have worked for a standard custom post type but you have custom tables in the admin so it registered but didn't display.

    I suspect the developer could fork YAFPP, it's a very small plugin, and very quickly end up with both featured events and the ability to push them back upstream on a WPMU setup.

    The other feature I would love to see included is event-level payment options! We have a lot of event promoters hitting this client's site and they would love to be able to collect pre-payment and generate a paid vs unpaid RSVP list.

    The problem is, under the current setup, all event payments have to go to the site admin!