Could use some help

Please give us your feedback and bug reports - test, tease, complain, etc. I’m sure there are plenty of bugs I’ve missed. Right now it’s just the basic blog-by-blog store, the unfinished cool stuff is commented out till it’s ready. Have fun!

Found here

Does this mean it is still not ready?

I am very new to this plguin and I installed and so far I only get a page that says products.

I see lots of widgets which I added to a sidebar just to see what would happen but they are all just empty widgets.

I even added the shortcodes in my page as listed in admin/marketpress but still nothing other than "No Products" on the page. When shortcodes where removed the image I had there will show up.

I was not following this plugin dev prior to v 1.0.1 so I have no idea other than what's posted on the plugins site. All I need to know is if it's ready to at least get me started and if so how do I get things going? I do not see any instructions anywhere. Instructions is all I need for right now if available.

Otherwise if someone can help me to get this plugin up and running would be appreciated.

Also tmk I can use pages and not necessarily post per the instructions. However, if post is best no problem just please let me know.

Also for...

Robust Themeing Support:
There is also a detailed readme.txt on how to create completely custom page templates for all the store pages.

Where exactly is that text file?

I can provide screenshots. Per client's request I cannot yet show their site.

Thanks Guys/Gals