Could you consider adding the ability to create a support ticket by email and also replying?

Hi there,

First off. Thanks for the Support plugin (it is good)!

I was think of this the other day . . .

I know the Support plugin is currently backoffice only. However, many support ticket systems are adding the ability to create a support ticket by email (the customer or us) and also replying (customer or us) with attachments as well? The history is all added to the backoffice support ticketing as if they/us where logged in to create the request etc.

I think this would be a absolutely great addition to your Support plugin. It will also give customers max flexibility to either take the time to login and create the request or reply and or just replying or creating them all “from the comfort of their inbox”. This would add a very special touch and also make it that much more personal.

Not to mention, I think it would also help us on our end (us being the provider of service) and make workflow even that much easier and better.

I am sure you have seen some of the support ticketing out there and know what I mean (I find those support ticketing systems and quality of service a absolute pleasure myself personally as the customer). I am sure there are other ancillary features in this regard that could be included (by looking at some of the folks doing this type of thing already with their Support Ticketing systems right now).

What do you think?

Have you been getting other requests like this (you may already have this on the burner . . . do you)?

Members, if you are interested in this, then post a +1