Could you please add "disable all subscribers" toggle minus a few select emails so real te

Hey there,

Regarding the "Subscribe By Email" plugin . . .

Could you please add "disable all subscribers" toggle minus a few select emails so real test posts can be done please? There preview and test email are ok but definitely not a replacement for what real test posts actually look like when trying to get a certain look. Right now, we have to remove all the subscribers via myphpadmin database and then do a bunch of test posts to adjust how we need the email to look and then re-add them again to achieve this.

This request would make it very simple to do real test posts.

Please let us know what you think (should be easy enough to add this feature I would guess). Just a toggle to "disable all subscribers" but send only to x, y, z email address for testing real posts. Then, when done, re-enable the toggle. Done.



  • Greg

    @Michelle Shull

    Yea. I do agree generally.

    Actually do have it on a test subsite right now too. However, it is not a exact replica of all the plugins, settings of Wordpress, and theme conditions etc etc etc and sometimes does not look the exact same on a test site as it may behave on a live one though.

    It would be good to do the core adjustments on a test site to generally validate the adjustments and then do a secondary test on the live site (will all the different variables on that live site where other plugins, WP settings, and themes etc etc etc live) to get a finalized validation of the adjustments (hence the greatness of being able to disable per the above to do that).

    We could do a 100% replication of the site to a subsite but that would be a bit much for all cases.

    What do you think?


  • Michelle Shull

    Hey, Greg!

    Good on you for using a test environment. :slight_smile: It can be a bit of a challenge transferring things back and forth, and keeping your test site as close to your live site as you can for accurate/complete testing. Snapshot can work out really well here, I've found, but I've tended to work with it on smaller sites.

    I'm actually pro 100% replica, just because it means your test environment is as close to identical as possible. An exact replica means you definitely can't miss that one tiny detail that turns out to be the root of a major problem on your live site. I may be overly cautious, however, so take my advice with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:

    Take care!

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