Could you please help me with the formatting of question page?

My site’s url is
Here’s the Q&A page on my site . It is too dark, not easy to read.

I want to use Q&A plugin to interact with people and create FAQ pages with a Search support.

If you could help me with these issues:
1) How to have a nice form (Ask Your Question) like this one ( I am using right now? Having the same for my blog could be very nice. Is it possible for you to create this page?
2) How to put questions (from people or myself) in a FAQ page, divided by categories? This FAQ page must be similar to the Ask a Question form (colors, etc.). Is it possible to do that?
3) When I try using Answers in Q&A plugin in the dashboard, each time I try to add a new Answer it give me a 404 error. I use in the Q&A plugin only Questions and put the answer in the post area of this question. Is it ok to proceed like that?
4) How can I translate the Q&A in French?
5) On I put a poll in the sidebar, and some texts are chuncked, could you please help me to adjust the text (to let you see what is missing, I put the same poll in the page.

I’d like to put my Q&A page on
Thanks a lot for your help,