Couldn't Sign Up For Subscriptions on Membership


So I am having some issues with the membership plugin.

First, when it is in sandbox mode it won't work. I get this text "" Your payment was declined. Please check all your details or use a different card. "

So I decided to try it out in live mode with a $1 subscription and it worked but it didn't redirect it to a welcome page.

I then tried to subscribe again and it a .50 subscription and it no longer said pay now but sign up and there was never a payment made and it redirected me to the welcome page.

Next, I created a new subscription at $1 and made sure the welcome page was created and working well. I subscribed and it said that My subscription was unable to be created. (I forgot that a user could only subscribe once) But I got an email that it still charged my card. Hmmmm...

I then registered with a new username and subscribed with the same card. It said my subscription was unable to be created but my card was still charged and in my /subscriptions page it says I am not subscribed.

Does it allow only one subscription by IP address as well?

Any help would be appreciated.