Count on Buddypress Profile not Correct

I'm starting this new forum topic, in the hopes of drawing attention to this other forum topic I started, which seems to be falling through the cracks.


  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there MJB,

    I apologize, but yikes! Out of all the staff we have here, you get caught in the two guys inboxes who have been out of the office, one for a wedding and the other due to injury. Thanks for starting a new thread.

    Here's the thing about that MultiSite Privacy, and perhaps it's the way it's worded, but the plugin allows the SiteAdmin to choose what members can see on their site. The one that you were looking at as SupreAdmin, you can see everything, whether you are a member of that blog or not. When you are not logged in as Super Admin, you don't see the blogs that you are not a member of. That is, since you aren't a member of any of the three blogs, you don't see them.

    I'm not sure if that's a Buddypress issue or the plugin, but I can see your frustration. It would be nice to see other blogs, even if you aren't a member to know about them to perhaps join. What would be useful to test is if you were to click on Sites, the Buddpress feature that lists all of the sites on the network, if you can see the three. I suspect that they won't be hidden there. Please check and let us know.

    Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes.


  • mrjarbenne

    No worries. I assumed I got lost somehow.

    Perhaps I wasn't clear in the video, but I'm not referring to being logged in as superadmin.

    Here's how the plugin seems to work:

    If I set my site to indexed by search engines, the site shows up on my buddypress profile, so if people visit my profile, they can see that I also host a sub blog on the network.

    If I set the privacy settings to anything else, no one sees my blog.

    Here's how I think it should work.

    If User A sets his blog privacy to "only logged in members of the MAIN DOMAIN can see this blog" (not necessarily a user role/cap on the subdomain, just a member of the BP community: the third level of privacy, not the forth)" then if user B is logged in, he should be able to see User A's blog listed on User A's profile. User A has said that anyone with who is logged in can find the blog, so it should appear on their profile.

    If user B knows the URL, they can access it, but it should also show up in the listings.

    Am I right?

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there,

    I think I get what you are saying. Let's get the developer in to see if things are functioning the way they should. I am talking about the part when a non admin is logged in and sees 0 blogs. Wasn't that the first issue that you presented? Then you went back as Super Admin and you see the user actually had 3 blogs. So my question was, if the user is logged in and sees the 0 for the other user, if the first goes to the list of all blogs, would they see the three that the second one actually has listed there?


  • mrjarbenne

    Interesting question. With over 2000 sub blogs on a network that relies on Buddypress Profiles and activity streams, it's not a way that anyone would think to search for a blog, especially if they didn't know if the user had one (not all my users have blogs).

    I've checked it and the blogs do not show up in any of the directories: main one or the listing on each users profile.

    I can also confirm that the activity stream posts also do not appear for blogs that have been set to be visible to logged in users, unless you have a capability on that sub blog.

  • mrjarbenne

    Is someone looking into this? If I could receive confirmation that the developer recognizes the issue and is working on it that would be great. If the functionality is not being implemented, I would like to start working on implementing a different privacy functionality on my site.

    I recognize that these things take time, but I'd rather not be a week or two later, waiting, only to find that you aren't implementing the fix.

  • Aaron

    Its kinda a tricky one. Multisite stores the privacy option as a 1 for public and 0 for private. This plugins overrides that a bit and sets it to -1, -2, -3 or -4 for it's custom privacy settings. WP core and BP (and other plugins like our post indexer) interpret anything other than 1 as no index/private, hence the listing not being there.

    There really isn't an easy way around this, to be able to show as listed but still keep private, they are mutually exclusive in WP core design. I'm sorry about that! I'm going to mark this thread resolved, we won't be adding your request as a new feature.

    You are welcome though to do your own custom coding and design your own version of the privacy plugin that uses a different privacy setting than core for your needs.

    Best of luck, and sorry for the response delay on this!

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